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It is our plan that over the next few years we can diversify and acquire new clients and as a result new contracts across the central south. This will allow us not only to expand and improve our service and secure the jobs of our present employees, but will allow us to provide employment for more people which has always been one of the satisfying bonuses of running a business.

The acquisition of new business will allow us to further invest in quality control ratings such as ISO and BS. And other professional qualifications of mutual benefit to our clients, employees and ourselves. We presently work to very high standards taking note of present guidelines within our industry and take particular note of the environmental impact of our work and aim to reduce our footprint by using green solutions where practicable. We maintain an environmental policy which we constantly monitor and improve when possible.

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It is our intention to provide at all times a service to our customers that leaves them free to concentrate on other business matters and not the sites in our care.

The company has a supportive attitude toward organizational culture; flexible jobs and adaptable, capable employees. We also continually support employees through training. This puts us in a position to efficiently coordinate and collaborate with our customers to create a service level that will in turn improve the level of service provided to their own clients and customers.

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